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Frequent Questions

What are the pricing options?

The pricing options are very affordable and tailored to the specific needs of the institution. Please contact us for more information.

How can remote students actively engage with the class?

With HybeFlex remote students are not passive observers, there are many ways for remote students to actively engage with the instructor and their in-room peers

What are the hardware requirements for the students?

Our system is user-friendly with minimal hardware requirements and no software requirements. This means students can focus on their lessons, rather than wasting valuable time trying to understand complex technology

Can it be integrated with an existing LMS?

HybeFlex is a fully scalable solution which is easily integrated with LMS and single sign-on.

How many participants can we display on a monitor in the classroom?

Depending on the room size and distance from the monitor, it is not advisable to display more than 9 students per screen. Doing so could sacrifice the collaborative, in-classroom feeling as some students may appear as icons.

How can the instructor control the active video feed?

The instructor can select the main feed displayed to all remote participants by means of a special device/ tablet/ smartphone. However, students still have the option to override this feed to view a feed of their choice. 

How can the student be in control of the video feed?

Control the classroom feed you want to see at any point during a lesson. Switch between instructor feed, whiteboard feed, computer feed and classroom feeds.

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